Build a Bad Ass Life Beyond the Bottle 
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Change your relationship with alcohol
Stuck in that never ending cycle of drinking? Stop torturing yourself! You don't have to be on this hamster wheel anymore. Through my 10 years of trial and error, I have taken the guess work out of recovery. Through The Booze Free Revolution System, I am going to teach you the must have skills to ditch alcohol and enjoy it!
Why Group Coaching Works:
What is Group Coaching:
Through coaching and community you will feel the love and support of like minded women. You will have weekly home work to complete, exercises to use daily and accountability. When these elements come together you will be living booze free in no time. You will be too busy with a life you love, that you will never have to self medicate again!
How Group Coaching Works:
You can read and talk about what you want to do and how to achieve it, but action is where real change happens. I give you the missing step. Through my 4 step Booze Free Revolution System, I teach you the must have skills you need in order to remove alcohol from your life and enjoy yourself. Group coaching is here to provide a safe space for true healing. It is a place to practice and put healthier habits into action.
Immediately after you sign up you will receive a welcome email with login details to our first call and your first exercise. Click on the login link and download the Zoom app to log into all of our calls for the month. After each call you will receive a recap of the days lesson, your new exercise for the week and an audio recording of the call.
Thursday April 29th at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST
-1 month program
-1 live group call each week
-4 group calls total
-Audio recording and recap of each call
-Homework and individual exercises assigned every week
-Private support group text 

Jenn Beckman 
May 2019
"Alcohol shut me down and isolated me from the world."
Group coaching allowed me to be mindful of that and gave me tools to get out of my own head. I found a connection and a different perspective. The video calls and other women in the group held me accountable. In previous programs I tried, talking about alcohol triggered me and made my desire to drink worst. Jessica helped me focus on what type of person I want to be, how I want to feel and she helped me with a plan to get there.
What Sober Girls are Saying..
"As a mom of three kids, I am always busy." 
I lost who I was and what I needed in my life to make me feel fulfilled. I didn't know how to relax without a glass of wine. Through group coaching, I met other women just like me. It was so nice to have other women to relate to and know that I wasn't alone. Jessica helped me explore who I was and fill my life with joy. I learned healthier ways to relax and take the edge off. I feel confident and calm thanks to Jessica and my new friends in group coaching."me with a plan to get there.
Amber L.
June 2019
Group coaching alumni share their life-changing experiences
Jesse explains how group coaching gave her the space to explore her self development, gain clarity and make changes in her life in a supporting, loving way.
Join The Booze Free Revolution!
Simple and Structured to Keep You Focused for Lifetime Results.

  • Stop romanticizing alcohol
  • Tap into your self-confidence and power
  • Have fun without booze
  • Tame your negative inner voice
  • Socialize without needing a drink
  • Healthier ways to relax and unwind 
  • Manage boredom
  • Beat Wine O'Clock
  • Change mindset around drinking
  • Meet new sober friends
  • Overcome social anxiety
You Will Learn How To: 

This could be you..
Here is Everything You'll Get When You Sign up for Group Coaching Today...
Our minds are powerful and hold the key to our emotions and choices. It's proven that Group Coaching members have decreased anxiety and feel more confident simply by listening and sharing their experiences.
  •  Join a tribe of like-minded women
  •   Feel the support from others
  •   Receive encouragement at the perfect time
2. Weekly Group Coaching With Jess

No matter where you are in the journey, these calls meet you right where you are and give you practical tools to face your current challenges.
  •   Q&A with Jess
  •   Tested and true tools to break the cycle of drinking
  •   FUN! Making changes doesn't have to be so scary 
3. Proven Life Changing Strategies

You'll get weekly exercises, tools and homework assigned to you that help you every step of the way. You will learn the must have strategies to lose the booze.

  • Holistic Health Approach (Mind, Body And Spirit)
  • Personal development exercises 
  • Using both logic and emotion to make long lasting changes
1. Positive Group Influence

4. Support, Support, Support
Using technology to our advantage, we have set up multiple avenues for to receive support at any given time. From private chat sessions, recordings of each coaching call, and interactive groups to have all your bases covered.

  • Private Text Chat 
  • Audio recording of group coaching calls
  • Private Facebook Group 
You Might Be Thinking...
1. Shouldn't I be able to do this on my own?
If you could do it on your own, you would have. Everything is better when you have people to share it with and recovery is no different. I tried for 10 years to do this on my own and I was extremely unsuccessful. I give credit to the team I have built around me for my 3+ consecutive, blissful, successful years in recovery.

2. I have tried so many things, how will I know this will work?
You will instantly have a support system and a safe place to heal with like minded women. I have the cheat codes to a happy, healthy, successful life filled with pride, love, and compassion. If that interests you, then yes, this will work for you. 

3. I'm not sure I want to quit drinking forever.
I felt the exact same way. I didn't want to feel restricted or limited or feel like I was "bad" for drinking. This is the process we go through. You don't have to be sure. However, you are here and considering joining group coaching for a reason. You owe it to yourself to give it a try and talk it out. A Sober Girls Guide group coaching is an open minded, non judgmental, safe space for us to work out whats going on in our heads together. I don't believe that abstinence is the only answer. Group coaching is geared toward your self development and building a strong foundation for your recovery, whatever that looks like for you.

4. What if I might want to drink during the month
Remember this isn't about perfection it's about a new mindful approach. The goal is to set alcohol aside for enough time to feel the clarity you are looking for and truly evaluate your relationship with alcohol. This is a safe space to come and work out why you have been in this cycle and learn methods and tools to break free. 

5. How does this work with therapy/counseling?
Group Coaching is complementary to therapy and counseling. It is not an alternative to therapy and I suggest you keep seeing or seek out a therapist you feel comfortable with.

6. I’m interested in a practice that keeps me sober, is this it?
YES! This is all about building a fun, healthy, full of joy life that you are so damn proud of. The idea is to live a life where alcohol isn't even an issue because you are too busy living a life that is so freaking amazing you’ll never want to self medicate again!
We are stronger together. 
I have been where you are, I have dealt with depression, anxiety, shame, and guilt all linked to drinking. Through the proven Booze Free Revolution System, you will learn the must have tools and techniques to release alcohol from your life once and for all. 

Group coaching is EXACTLY what you need to BREAK FREE!
This tribe is full of accountability, support and most importantly action
I will teach you how to build a life beyond the bottle and achieve the life you want and deserve. Group Coaching will keep you in line and focused on your goals and desires.
It's never a lack of knowledge that's the problem, it's taking action. It's much easier and enjoyable with a kick ass tribe!

A Sober Girls Guide Group Coaching is Different from other groups...

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